Saturday, December 7, 2013

Me, You, Coffee, and Tea

I'm a young person in love with any kind of hot beverage. In Fall this coming year I will begin my career at Kendall Collage in Chicago for my Bachelor of Hospitality, specializing in beverage management. I'm inspired by flavor, color, culture, tradition, and people, so naturally, I gravitate towards tea more than anything else. Although, I currently work at the third wave coffee shop Hansa Coffee where I have learned a great deal about opening and running a small business and moved once step closer to my dream of opening up a tea and coffee shop. 

In this blog, I'll share my thoughts on tea and coffee with you -- the traditions that involve them, new ways of using them or preparing them, businesses that supply them, recipes that involve them, and most importantly the people I meet in the process and the things I learn from them. My hope is to teach and demonstrate to you that not only can you have great tea and coffee at home, you can also have cultural, traditional, inventive and unique experiences, and do so on a 17-year-old's budget.

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